Our story

We envision a bird. A bird that doesn’t migrate when the weather changes, instead re-shapes it with a flap of its wings; bringing ideal climate conditions, freshness and comfort. Today, Imbat soars through many continents and countries, bringing along the Imbat breeze to wherever it flies.

We don’t just tell our story from 1991, we shape it together everyday. Our most valuable assets are the know-how we accumilated and the culture we created over 30 years

Under Imbat roof, we work in a solidarity and cooperation company culture, within and between departments, in a working environment that is diversified and enriching.

Imbat provides solutions that are functional as well as efficient through its Engineering outlook and R&D oriented foundation.


Corporate Identity



İmbat, together with its employees and solution partners, continuously invests in R&D and technology for its customers and all stakeholders, and offers quality and competitive products and services beyond the standards with its energy efficient, flexible and innovative designs that consider the future and the environment.


To be a brand among the world leaders with its innovative, efficiency-oriented and nature-friendly solutions.

What We Have Been Through in 30 Years?


Imbat to World

There are Imbat products operating in more than 50 countries!
We reach our customers, distributors and partners all around the globe with our efficiency and reliability message.

Our Values

We share our values in Imbat. Every individual here believes in our values and demonstrates that in everyday life.



We take pride in innovation. We feed our knowledge wtih experience and birth innovations for the future.


We are aware that using our resources responsibly will lead to personal and organizational efficiency.

Being a Team

We have faith in our future. We believe we can reach our goals easier as a team. We value each other, we share and we trust each other.


We believe in systematic, mindful and planned work. Our accumilative success is our biggest motivator.


We value our physical and mental health as the Imbat family. We value personal development and health for a quality life.


Honesty is crucial in every aspect of life. It is our principle to value sustainable trust relationships with our team and customers.

Efficiency is Designed Here.

Imbat’s R&D oriented approach to business has paid off with many firsts in the market. Imbat R&D center not only Works for today’s conditions, but also is shaped and inspired by the potential of the future. Imbat R&D team is motivated to design Energy efficient and high performance products.

We design everything ourselves. We are proud to have 100% original designs that are sent all around the World and are providing inspiration for the generations to come.


Certifications and Documentations