33 Years of Experience

From 1991 to the present, from the present to the future; we accumulate knowledge, experience, trust and friendship.

Imbat Effect Extending the World

We reach more than 50 countries with our extensive international sales network, and we carry the effect of İmbat with our products.

Eco Design Compatible Design

Imbat designs are exclusively high efficiency class and are all compliant to ERP-Eco Design criteria.
About Us

Towards the target century;
with confidence, excitement, faith...

We are proud to represent engineering in Turkey, and Turkey in the World with our original designs and innovative products in the field of air conditioning and cooling.

Official R&D Center

100% Original Design

Export to 50+ Countries

33 Years of Experience

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Future Oriented Designs

We have an R&D oriented approach. We develop unique solutions in air conditioning, hygienic air conditioning, sensitive humidity control and fresh air implementation for your projects. We exclusively produce our designs and providereliable air conditioning to the World market.

Living environment, livable future
derives from efficiency

Efficiency is not only a part of our work, it’s part of our lives. We value using resources cleverly to ensure the future of our World is abundant. Threfore we provide this value in shape of energy efficiency and high performance to projects and to the World.


Our References


Rooftop Air Conditioner

Waqf Bid-Guinee

Tropical Rooftop

Turkish Stream Terminal Building

Close Control Air Conditioner

Rwanda Revenue Administration

Close Control Air Conditioner

Niger Airport

Passenger Boarding Bridge Rooftop Units

İzmir City Hospital

Rooftop Air Conditioner

Delta Galil

Close Control Air Conditioner



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