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Domestic Water Chiller Unit

İmbat domestic chiller units are designed to cool the utility water in T3 climate areas where the water temperature can be up to 55°C. The units can be used in hotels, gyms, schools, offices, residences and will provide optimum performance with low electric cost.

İmbat domestic chiller units are 100% original design to cool the 50°C water down to 26°C and will provide cool utility water to buildings.

The units are designed to operate in an average of 46°C outdoor temperature and have three different capacity options; 14, 26 and 46 kW. They include tank, pump, remote control and plug&play properties. Multiple units can operate together for larger capacity requirements.

The domestic chillers have scroll type compressors, low energy and high performance axial condenser fans, stainless plate type exchanger, stainless circulation pump and therefore has low energy consumption.

Product Features

  • 14-45 kW capacity range
  • T3 climate
  • R-410a refrigerant fluid
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Cooling
  • Wired remote control
  • Asymmetric Cooling
  • Plug & operate
  • Full automatic
  • LCD display
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Easy service and maintenance
  • Condenser fan speed control
  • Condensers with copper tubes, epoxy or hydrophilic coated aluminium fins
  • Copper tube, copper wing condensers
  • Cage protection in air cooled condensers
  • Models with low noise levels
  • Units suitable for indoor use with high pressure radial fans
  • Models with digital inverter scroll compressors
  • Flexibility in design and production
  • T3 climate, 46°C outdoor temperature
  • Asymmetrical cooling
  • 50°C/26°C cooling utility water
  • Plug&play
  • 14-46 kW capacity range

What Makes İmbat Different

Microprocessor Control

Microprocessor system allows the compressors to age simultaneously in case of partial loads, providing maximum energy efficiency and efficient cooling. The microprocessor settings will not be deleted in case of power cuts and the unit automatically restarts when power is restored.

Asymmetrical Cooling

Asymmetrical cooling circuit is an innovation that connects multiple compressors on same condenser and evaporator circuits. It decreases condensation temperature and increases evaporation temperature, ensuring energy efficiency. This application allows 3 steps capacity control with 2 compressors and will increase efficiency by up to 35% in partial loads. Further, the start-stop action of compressors is decreased by 1/8 ratio with asymmetrical cooling circuit. Cooling units very rarely operate at full capacity. Asymmetrical cooling technology provides energy efficiency in partial loads which is almost always.

Maximum Water Security on Water Side

Pressure difference switch, stainless steel filters, anti-freeze temperature control and electric heaters are precautions for maximum safety in plate type evaporators.

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