Tropical Rooftop Air Conditioner

Tropical Rooftop Air Conditioner

Optional Features

  • Condenser fan speed control
  • Hydrophilic/epoxy coating on evaporator and condenser coil surface
  • Protection mesh for condenser surface
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Dirty filter alarm
  • Stainless drain pan
  • High or low capacity electric heater
  • Smoke sensor
  • External fire alarm
  • Low pressure transmitter
  • High pressure transmitter
  • IP55 power and control board
  • Safety valve
  • Shut off valve
  • Metal or bag filters
  • Adjustable belt pulley
  • Main load breaker
  • Modbus Rtu communication card

İmbat tropical rooftops are designed to perform with high performance in hot weather T3 climate area and to provide energy efficiency, air quality and comfort.

İmbat tropical rooftops use environmentally freindly refrigerant R410a, has advanced software control and provide high performance through low energy consumption.

The units come in a wide capacity range. There are 13 different models from 10-100 kW. Higher capacity requests can be provided with multiple units that work together seemlessly. They are designed to work in + 46°C in T3 climate area and have monoblock compact body, remote control and are plug & play.

The units have scroll type compressor, casette type elctrical heater, radial circulation fan, high efficiency and low noise axial fans, G4 filters, heat and noise insulation, anti-corosion galvanized steel with electrostatic paint. Imbat tropical rooftops are designed for high efficency.


• T3 climate area +46°C external temperature
• Compact body, and plug&play
• Advanced remote control
• High efficiency, high quality indoor air
• 10-100 kW capacity range